Why Duckie Land

What Makes Duckie Land Different?

Real Money Economy

Players spend billions of real money on in-game items but cannot legally exchange them back for real money. Most game publishers prohibit players from selling their in-game assets for real money. But some players are still determined to do it so they can get back the capital they have spent in the game. If caught, the player can be banned.

Here in the Duckie game, you will be rewarded with assets that you can exchange for real money. Duckies that you have purchased can be resold to the marketplace and earn real money. We will make the transition as flawless as possible from a blockchain platform to a real currency by working with local marketplace, so that players can buy their daily necessities using reward tokens.

Price Stability

Increasing player participation results in increased token production. Without a mechanism that demands the use of these tokens, the demand for these tokens will decrease and lead to excessive sales that make the value of the tokens continue to fall. That's why in the Duckie game, reward tokens will be used as fuel in various important activities.

Reward token usage

Balance Population

The Duckie game will have a proper balancing mechanism over the Duckie population. Players can combine the Duckie they have acquired into a rare and hard to get Duckie. This will prevent overpopulation and the weaker character values will not crash or leave liquidity‌.

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