Duckie Gameplay

Summary of Gameplay

Duckie is a multiplatform game (PC, Android and iOS) in which players take a team of Duckies through a challenging world of monsters to collect rewards and resources. These rewards can be used to breed and improve abilities. Resources can be used to create valuable items that can be used for in-game needs or sold for real money. Players will work together to create the ultimate duckie team, enroll in tournaments, and strategize to complete the most challenging content in the game.

To start playing the game, players can buy their Duckies from the marketplace. Before each battle, players can choose a team of Duckies to participate in among all the Duckies they have. Player can then choose to battle against enemy monsters in Adventure Stage (PVE) to level up the Duckie, or battle with other player’s teams in the Battle Arena (PVP) and compete in the leaderboards.

In both game modes, players will get $WAFER as rewards. These rewards are the main resource that players need in order to farm and sell for real-life money.

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