Duckie NFT

Quack... Quack...

"Of all the beautiful birds on Planet Earth, the eagle may be the coolest, the hummingbird is the cutest, but when it comes to cuteness, we go for the duck! They are fluffy. They are cuddly. They will brighten even the darkest days."

Who doesn't love ducks. Their cute faces will put a smile on your face on a stressful day. The duck team has put together all the cutest photos, emojis, memes and of the most adorable ducks ever found.

Duckie is not only cute but also has more powers and skills. Duckies can be collected, fought and raised by players. Each Duckie has unique characteristics that affect its function in battle. Each Duckies has unique stats to look at. These stats along with other aspects are important to know if Duckie can be used to fight in the arena competitively.

Duckie NFT genesis supply is limited to only 12,222 duckie NFTs. The rarity is divided into common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. There will be benefits to players who have "rare" NFTs and details will be announced later on.

Here is the story of how the ducks become duckies.

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