Players will fight against other players with their own set of Duckies. This is where the real trial will begin as the player needs to think and strategize every move so that the player wins.

Players also get more rewards the higher you move up the leaderboard.

Combat may look simple but it has complexity in it. Duckies have different classes and stats that make the game unpredictable. Each class is weak and strong against another class. For this reason, players must also pay attention to all types of attacks that the Duckie of players and opposing players have, their effects, and bonuses.

The PVP matchmaking will be based on a system by Arpad Elo, who came out with an Elo ranking system based on various factors such as ranking, last match result, player skill level, Duckies attributes, etc. Such a system will allow players to fight with other players who have similar overall abilities, this will increase the enjoyment of playing the game and players can get rewards more easily.

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