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Ansari Kadir

CMO of PT GK | Hebat

Known as a Chief Marketing Officer of GK | Hebat. He handles some cases related below the line and above the line marketing. He won the Yamaha Marketing Idea National Competition on 2010. Aside, he got the qualified certificate from Australian Marketing Institute as a Digital Event Manager and Digital Event Marketer on 2020.

Eric Clark Su

CEO of Exnetwork Capital

A serial entrepreneur, known startup mentor and advisor in the Philippines for over 10 years, Eric discovered Bitcoin in 2015 at $300, he closed all his bank accounts except one and put all his funds on this representation of a solution to corruptible and inefficient centralized systems. At present, he has sold his two startups and has turned that 4 figure dollar capital mutiple times thru trading, investing and building products for the decentralization movement.

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