Duckie's abilities depend on the weapon, hat, eye, mouth and tail it has. This is what makes each Duckie unique.

His abilities can be offensive, such as dealing damage to an opponent and apply debuffs to the enemy team. They can also be defensive, such as restoring your Duckie's health points, apply Buffs or stealing health from the enemy team.

A good Duckie must have a balance of abilities that allow her to perform her role efficiently. For example, Attacker Duckies must have cards that deal a lot of damage, while Defensive Duckies must have cards that allow them to last longer and defend their team.

The Ability Card will reveal three stats to you:

  • Energy : The amount of energy cost when deploy this card. Each player has a 10 energy pool. After the deployment, the energy starts to regenerate. You need a certain amount of energy to deploy specific cards.

  • Damage: The amount of damage the card can do.

  • Defence: The amount of damage you can withstand.

If players want to achieve a high win rate in Arena Mode, they need to be familiar with these cards, their effects, and their combinations. Each ability adds two cards to your deck. Each squad has three Duckies and four abilities. This implies that each Duckie has four cards, for a total of 12 cards in a deck. Water element cards, for example, have an advantage over Fire and Earth elemental Duckies but are weak against Metal, Wind, Lighting whereas Fire, Lighting, and Death cards are always cards that deal strong damage.

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