Governance Token - $MMETA

The glue that binds all Duckie community contribution together

Duckie Multi Metaverse Token ($MMETA) is an BEP 20 governance token for the Duckie Land community. This token holders will shape the future of the Duckie universe by signaling their support for the improvement of the ecosystem and directing the use of the community driven game design.


$MMETA will be accepted as currency in the Duckie NFT marketplace. When players want to breed the Duckie NFT, the breeding cost will be $MMETA and $WAFER. $MMETA can also be used to determine eligibility for participation in certain sales/auctions conducted by the Duckie team.


Players will be able to lock their tokens to receive newly created $MMETA. Stakers will also be asked to vote and play to claim prizes.


The Community Treasury will go live and begin receiving revenue generated by Duckie as well as a portion of the betting prizes. This treasury will be managed by $MMETAstakeholders once the network becomes decentralized enough.

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